"Our son is a third-year piano student at The Musical Offering and we will always feel grateful to the parent who suggested the school and teacher as the ideal fit for our then second grader. The teachers get to know their students as individuals and conduct their studies accordingly.  In our case, our son has been guided with a wonderful balance of seriousness and fun. At our son's first recital we enjoyed the grave performance of a James Bond theme, and we are now enjoying his current favorite (ever, he says), Bach's Polonaise in G minor!" -Musical Offering parent



The Musical Offering is pleased to offer a free 30-minute, introductory private lesson! 
To schedule your initial lesson, please call Director Rick Ferguson at 847-866-6260 or email him at mail@themusicaloffering.org. 


Rick Ferguson, Founder and Artistic Director


Annette Bjorling- Harp
Louisa Blood - Violin
Sheila Hanford – Violin
Veronica Nettles – Cello
Casey Nielsen - Classical & Jazz Guitar
Paul Zafer - Violin 



Kurt Bjorling - Clarinet, Saxophone
Caroline Pittman - Flute 

Victoria Holland
Bethany Younge

Bethany Younge - Composition, Music Theory

Plugged In and Live!
Tim O'Donnell - Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar