Jack Langdon - Piano, Composition


Jack “The Philosopher”

Performing, composing, and teaching music is a profound way to explore and understand
ourselves; we become attuned to our most private selves when music is done in solitude, and
become more enmeshed in our communities and personal relationships when music is done
together. My teaching philosophy understands that everyone is a unique and special individual,
who will engage with music in very personal ways. I wish to help guide students towards
methods, practice regimens, and communication habits that are most natural for the
student—knowing that this is the way to achieve the greatest long-term musical success. I hope
to be a resource to strengthen the knowledge of musical fundamentals while also expanding
and welcoming elements of music making that might be unexpected and adventurous.

Jack “The Composer/Performer/Curator”

Jack Langdon is a Chicago based performer and composer of new music. His work focuses on
perceptual distortion in recursive temporality, the relationship between visual and sonic stimuli in
intermedia performance, experimental performance practice, extended durations, and the
politics of art. Compositions of his have been performed by Mivos Quartet, Minnesota Sinfonia,
RenegadeEnsemble, pianist Sandra Joy Friesen, flutist Joshua Weinberg, The St. Olaf Band,
and the Musika Nova Ensemble.

He holds a bachelor of music in composition from St. Olaf College. He has studied composition
with Joan Arnau Pamies, Bethany Younge, Michael Daugherty, Justin Merritt, Reinaldo Moya,
Timothy Mahr, Sam Pluta, Nicholas DeMaison, David Maslanka, and Justin Merritt. His awards
include the McKnight Foundation’s New Works Program with the Minnesota Sinfonia, The Lynn
and Mary Steen Fellowship in support of his electroacoustic chamber opera: the end of saro ,
finalist for the John Kuzma Composition Award, second place in the Vancouver Chamber Choir
Young Composers Competition, and first place in the WSMA Student Composition Competition
in the instrumental category. He has been accepted to The Walden School’s Creative Musician
Retreat, The Oregon Bach Festival Composers Colloquium, and Bozzini_Lab Montreal.
Jack performs a variety of music, with a focus on works which explore fragility and extended
durations. He performs on organ, piano, guitar, and occasionally tuba. He is an experienced
improviser, leading the collegiate scratch orchestra, the Musika Nova Ensemble, while an

He is a passionate concert organizer and curator, and for the past four years, has worked with
Musika Nova and 113 Collective in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area. While an
undergraduate, he helped organize the first new music festival at his school, with concerts
featuring works influenced by the writings of John Cage, a collaboration with the dance and art
department in a fluxus performance festival, and a variety of acoustic and electroacoustic free
improvisation performances.

Jack “The Normal Person”

I enjoy a variety of things that normal people might enjoy. I enjoy making coffee, but perhaps
with an enthusiasm that is slightly above that of a normal person. I am obsessed with
rollercoasters, particularly wooden rollercoasters designed during the early 20th century, and
often re-create defunct rollercoasters on Rollercoaster Tycoon 2™ (the best Rollercoaster
Tycoon game, in my opinion). My favorite foods are tom kha gai and chicken salad sandwiches
(not at the same time, though). I also enjoy hiking, photography, and cooking.

More information about me can be found at my website: