MOrchestra Ensemble - Levels I and II

  Level II

Intermediate to advance level class for ages 11—17, by audition only.  This class is for students who already have ensemble experience and who have been studying their instruments for at least three years (pianists, four years).  Students explore more challenging chamber repertoire, in addition to engaging aural skills and theory projects—including improvisation and composition.  Regular performance opportunities, both at The Musical Offering and in community settings, will be part of this experience.









The class is designed to include wind, brass, string, percussion/keyboard players in grades 5-8 who have had at least one year of private lessons or two years of band/orchestra at school. No audition necessary.


In addition to ensemble playing and rehearsal/practice techniques, we'll work on applied theory/composition/aural skills.
Teacher: Rick Ferguson
Duration: 60-minute class meeting once a week
Class Fee: $200
Class Size: Minimum of 3 students
Age Range: 11-17

Fridays, 4:15 - 5:40 pm
Two eight week sessions in Fall


  Level I
 Teacher:  Rick Ferguson
 Duration:  60-minute class meeting once a week
 Class Fee:  $165
 Class Size:  Minimum of 3 students
 Age Range:  4th - 8th grade

Wednesdays, 4:30 - 5:30 pm
Two eight week sessions in Fall